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PDP by DW PDAX379 Standard Hi-Hat Clutch
LP290B Double Conga Stand
DW Drum Workshop 6000 Series Ultra Light Hardware Pack DWCP6000ULPK w/ Gig Bag
Gibraltar SC-XHat Hi-Hat Cymbal Mini-Boom Mount
Pearl JG16 16" Floor Tom to Bass Drum Conversion Jungle Kit - New
Mic Holder Drum Hi Hat Cymbal Stand Mount Rubber Shockmount Microphone Clip MHHH
Let there be light and music
and writing for electronic gear." His new collaborative piece is an example of this way of thinking about music. His ensemble of Eastman students will include a 13-member jazz component, strings, a harp, percussion, five woodwinds, and two French Horns ...
Clean Bandit cellist talks dance beats, 'Rather Be'
Just as electronic music ... instrument tough to learn coming from a background of playing “real” instruments? It was actually. I started playing it because two of the songs called “A&E” and “Come Over” have steel drum parts in the recordings.
GoPro’s new accessories give you more ways to handle the action
Besides the new Hero4 Session camera, GoPro is introducing several new accessories for its ... such as guitar headstocks, drum hoops, keyboards, brass instruments, or a mic stand. Great for indie bands or small music venues, it allows you to record a ...
Teenage Engineering's new OP-1 gear: it's time to crank, bend, and break the rules
The new accessories ... than Oplab, Teenage Engineering's "Musical Experimental Board" that was released in June. It doesn't look like much on the surface, but Oplab promises to let users interconnect virtually any electronic musical instruments through ...
Maker Creates an Awesome 3D Printed Drum Set on a ZMorph 2.0 S Personal Fabricator
Szydłowski designed his kit in Autodesk, sliced the files with ZMorph Voxelizer software, and then printed out all the parts with his ... ever 3D printed a musical instrument or musical accessories? Let us know in the 3D Printed Drum Kit forum thread ...
NEW - Gibraltar Chrome Series Power Rack With 2 Curved Wings, #GCS-400C
DW Hinged Memory Lock for 9000 Series Rack - 1"
yamaha stage custom dual tom mount with locks
Gibraltar SC-GRSRA Road Series Right Angle Clamp -
Gibraltar SC1410WSS 10-Lug 14" Wood Replacement Snare Drum Hoop - Snare Side
Gibraltar SC-XHat Hi-Hat Cymbal Mini-Boom Mount
NEW - PDP 10.5mm Tom Bracket, #PDAXTB105
Pearl Icon Mini Expansion Bar - 6"
Gibraltar Rack Factory No Leg Snare Drum Stand
Gibraltar GSVMS Stealth Vertical Mounting System LN
Verve Suspended Cymbal Stand
DW Drop-Lock Hi-hat Clutch
CBH20 Cowbell Holder
Gibraltar SC-GCRA Road Series Chrome Right-angle C
Pearl Bass Drum Hoop Protector
Roland V-Drum MDH-7U Pad Mount / Clamp TD-4 TD-11KV TD-15 TD-30
Gibraltar Cymbal Boom Arm
Zildjian P0800 Survival Kit Cymbal Stand Replacement Parts
NEW - Gibraltar Pro Bass Drum Spurs With Bracket, #SC-BS4
Vintage Slingerland Bass Drum T Rods and Claws **1970's**
Tama QC8B4 Quick Set Cymbal Mate Wing-Nut Replacement 4-Pack
Ludwig Atlas Pro Double Tom Holder with Bass Drum
Ludwig LAPAM3 Atlas Mount Bracket Drum Set Mounting Hardware, 3-Pack
New Bass Drum Spur/Leg Threaded Rubber Feet/Tips Universal Standard Blk 2pc
Gibraltar 14 inch 10 Lug Wood Snare Side Hoop
Pearl ADP-20 2 Hole Adaptor for Tom Cymbal Arm Accessory Clamp Brand New
Pearl ADP30 3-Way Adjustable Clamp
Ludwig LC1308SP Classic Curved Bass Drum Disappearing-Style Spurs and Bracket...
Vintage Pearl Snare/Tom Drum Lug Part
DW DWSM776 - Dogbone V to V Ratcheting Clamp
NEW - Tama Upper Pull Rod For Hi-Hat Stands - HH9053
Inde drums Parts SB1 snare drum strainer and butt Throw-off fits most brands New
NEW Gibraltar 1" Hinged Memory Lock (1), #SC-HML1
NEW - Gibraltar Super Hi Hat Clutch, #SC-4420S
Gibraltar Memory Lock 2-pack - Chrome
100 NEW Drum Tension Rod Washers for Snare Toms Bass
Set of 3 Vintage ROGERS Hex Floor Tom Legs (Lot #4)
NEW - Gibraltar Quick Release Hi Hat Clutch, #SC-QRHHC
Pearl CH70 Cymbal Holder
Brand New Heavy Duty Chrome Drum Rack w/4 Mounting Clamps, Cymbal Boom Arms. NIB
SPH05 Adjustable L-Rod Ball Mount
Hoop Savers for Bass Drums - BONUS PACK by Kenner Custom Drum...TRIPLE PACK (3)
Tama MC66 TAMA Universal Clamp
Roland MDP-7U Mounting Mount Plate w/Screws fits 4-hole Percussion Module
Tama Drums Hardware cymbal stands QC8 quick-release wing nut fits 8mm post NEW
PDP by DW 10.5mm Tom Bracket
Pearl SP30/2 Bass Drum Spurs
NEW Gibraltar Deluxe Snare Drum Throw-Off, #SC-STO
DW DWCP9900BD Bass Drum Double Tom Mount - Chrome
Ludwig P1216D Tom & Floor Tom Leg Bracket
NEW - Gibraltar Standard Cowbell Mount Bass Drum Hoop Mount, #SC-268R
Gibraltar SC-CLBAC Long Cymbal Boom Arm Attachment Clamp
NEW - Gibraltar Rack Cymbal Boom Attachment, #SC-RBA
DW Original Collector's Black & Chrome Badge Bass Tom Snare Drum, No Serial #
NEW - Gibraltar Adjustable Angle 2-Hole Grabber Clamp, #SC-PUGC
New Pair Bass Drum Spurs/Legs! 15" Long, 3/8" or 9.5mm Diameter. Removable Feet!
DW DWSMTB12CR Tom Mount Bracket
Yamaha 3 Knob T-Joint t-Clamp Fitting Tee Joint Three Knob DTX part as shown
Kelly SHU Composite Kick Drum Microphone Shock Mount System for your bass drum
SNARE DRUM LUGS set of 10, new single-point double-ended
Gibraltar SC-GRSSMC Road Series Super Multi-clamp
SPC18 Cymbal Boom Clamp
(Pair) New Vintage-Style Bass Drum Spurs w/Mounts. Retractable/Replacement Legs.
Mic Claw
Gibraltar Straight Extension Tube Rack 59" SC-GPR59 Drum Bar Holder
Gibraltar B9608 Adjustable 20"-28" Double-Braced Drum Throne Base
NEW - PDP Bass Drum Mount Cover Plate - CHROME, #PDAXBDMPLATE-CR
Gibraltar Cymbal Boom Arm with Ratchet - 16" Tube
LP LP290B Double Conga Stand
Vintage Ludwig WFL snare drum butt plate nickel
Gibraltar Straight Extension Tube - 36"
Gibraltar Road Series Multiclamp
NEW - Latin Percussion Microphone Claw, LP592A-X
Gibraltar Vintage Single-Flanged Hoop Claw 6 pack
NEW - Gibraltar Chrome Series 4-Post Curved Rack, #GCS-450C
Ludwig PM0048 Atlas Series Single Tom Clamp
Gibraltar SC1410WTT 10-Lug 14" Wood Replacement Snare Drum Hoop - Batter Side
PEARL Icon Swivel Pipe Rack Clamp SET OF THREE (3) CLAMPS
100 Black SLEEVED WASHERS from Hendrix Drums nylon tension rod hoop rim set kit
NEW - LP Latin Percussion Claw Body, LP592X
Slingerland Double Tom Drum Mount Bracket 7/8" for Bass Drum FREE SHIPPING
NEW - Gibrlatar Deluxe Add-On Turning Point Cymbal Brake Tilter - #SC-DCT-TP
NEW - Gibrlatar Deluxe Add-On Cymbal Brake Tilter - #SC-DCT-BT
DW V Rack Clamp 9000 Series Rack (V Rack Clamp)
NEW - Gibraltar 7/8" Memory Locks (4), #SC-ML78
Yamaha 3 Knob Drum Stand T-Joint Clamp Fitting Tee Joint Three Knob
NEW - Vibra Slap Hanger / Mounting Bracket
Sound Percussion Labs SPC18 Cymbal Boom Clamp 18 in.
Gibraltar SCTL2A 10.5mm Replacement Floor Tom Legs, Package of 3
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Vegas Vanguard Percussion takes silver at world championships
Each team is allowed to use synthesizers and video projectors to augment their percussion instruments in themed performances. The rules are few. But they must get all of the equipment and musicians on and off the stage in nine minutes. In front of about ...
Livid Instruments Unveils Ohm
Smith goes on, “Innovative audio and VJ software has revolutionized the way music and video is produced, but the lack of real hardware instruments ... and rugged rack mount metal. The wood model is ideal as a portable instrument and studio controller ...
Learning a musical instrument helps to boost children's memory
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Alesis Intros PercPad Electronic Percussion Instrument
designed for anyone wanting to incorporate electronic percussion into their setups. ?There?s never been an ultra-compact multi-pad instrument like the PercPad before,? Dan Radin, Product Manager, Alesis. Drummers can mount the PercPad on a standard snare ...
The $17,000 Fairlight CMI 30A Computer Musical Instrument
Mainframe ? free-standing and adaptable to rack mount, includes 750GB SATA hard drive, DVD R/W drive, USB ports. Monitor ? 15″ with lightpen (passive stylus) Alpha-numeric keyboard Music keyboard ? weighted, velocity sensitive, MIDI, 6 octaves ...
Odd instruments are music to composers' ears
Increasingly, composers like Bettison and Mason Bates, the Chicago Symphony's composer-in-residence, are employing unusual musical instruments ... the piano into a percussion orchestra by strategically attaching items of hardware to the ...