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Remote Hi-Hat Cymbal Stand – Griffin Auxiliary Foot Pedal Drum Hardware High Hat
New Trophy 3470 8.5" Musical Spoons, Red
Stainless Steel Guiro 12" * 4" Percussion Instrument Musical Training Tool R4R7
Roland FD-9 Hi-hat Control Pedal
12" x 5" Large Metal Guiro with Scraper Latin Merengue Percussion Instrument
Bosphorus Split Brass Cymbal Rivets 8pk
'Rath Yatra' to Promote Music Using Percussion Instruments
A group of artists would travel the length and breadth of the country in a specially-designed ‘Rath’ to promote music using percussion instruments from ‘Pancha Vadyam’, the ensemble of five musical instruments, to traditional temple art forms ...
Musician’s Friend Promotes Randy Pratt to Director of Merchandising, Drums and Percussion
... on taking the Musician’s Friend drum business to the next level Los Angeles, CA, December 9, 2013 – Musician’s Friend, Inc (MF), the largest direct response retailer of musical instruments and gear in the U.S., and a division of Guitar Center ...
Douglas Ewart and Inventions: "Sonic Remedies" A Birthday Celebration for Douglas Ewart
Ewart and Inventions will deliver their “Sonic Remedies” at Constellation in Chicago at 9:30p.m. on Saturday, September 27th.Inventions includes Mankwe Ndosi on voice, poetry and percussion ... sound and designed musical instruments-tin cans were ...
Win tickets to Third Coast Percussion with Glenn Kotche
ABC 57 is giving you the chance to win 2 tickets to see Third Coast Percussion ... for the custom instruments you will see built, performed and then destroyed on stage—with the sounds of creation and destruction woven into the musical composition.
Greenbelt Rhythm & Drum Festival Offers "Musical Enlightenment" for Children
“Most parents know that learning music has many educational benefits, but most instruments ... ‘musical enlightenment’ for your children to explore. Think of it as your little one’s first opportunity to express his or her voice, dance, play a drum ...
SX SBX II Stomp Box Stompbox Guitar Effect
Unlimited Big Gig Hardware Bag / Cymbal Stand Bag / Drum Equipment Bag
New Handcarved Bullroarer - Direct From Artist
Latin Percussion 5" x 12" Metal Guiro with Scraper Instrument GUIRO512, New
Salsa Guiro With Playing Stick. Painted Natural Color With Puerto Rico Flag.
Guiro Plastico Con Puyero. Plastic Guiro With Scraper.
Whacky Music BWEG Boomwhackers Treble Clef Extension Set
Guira Professional 18 X 12 Tipica Para Merengue,Bachata, Y Perico Ripiao.
Salsa Guiro With Puerto Rican Flag Design
Washboard Zydeco Rubboard 22 Gauge Musical Instrument With Free Scratchers
Hohner Kids Wood Block With Mallet Hardwood (SG268)
Pearl 8x14" Vinnie Paul Signature Snare
100 ~ 1/8" Diameter x 1/2" Long Brass Plated "Cymbal Sizzlers" Split Rivets
Roland KD-7 Kick Trigger with KDB7 Beater
Stompbox by Mountain Sound *Light White Stripe* Model Stomp Box
5 pak, drum trigger replacement, DIY,foam cone, Convertible Percussions
Unlimited Medium Gig Hardware Bag / Cymbal Stand Bag / Drum Equipment Bag
Guira Professional 16" X 13" Para Bachata,Merengue, Merengue Ripiao.
Solomon Mics LoFReQ Sub Kick Microphone-Black
Crotales percussion bells / cymbals in individual pitches
Zildjian 18" China Boy High
Ludwig Drums logo 6.5" X 2" BLACK logo sticker decal for bass drum drumhead
Set de Panderos - Pleneras de PVC con Bandera de Puerto Rico
Grover Pro - Pro Bronze Series Triangle 4 in "Piccolo" (TR-B-4) w/ Zipper Bag
Salsa Guiro, Plástico 13" Long With 2 Playing Sticks & Two Guiros In One. Yellow
UNIQUE Karimba Mbira Thumb Piano Kalimba Finger, black
Triangle Striker
Pearl Nylon Bushing - PL-08
LP Matador timbale stand M259
Pearl Multi-Function Key for Demon Drive Pedals - KMF-300
Sunhouse Sensory Percussion Drum Sensor Kit with Software - Single (starter kit)
Miniature Display of "Samul, Four Korean Percussion Instruments"
Neewer 10 Keys Hollow Pine Finger Thumb Piano Mbira
Stagg MF1620 - Vintage External Bass Drum Muffler - MF1620
VINTAGE 22" Wuhan Gong
DrumDial Drum Trigger with Clip Mount
Stainless Steel Guiro 12" * 4" Percussion Instrument Training Tool Durable N5Z9
MTG Kawai R50/R50e to R50iii 3x ROM Switcher with *ALL* R50/R100 sounds! NEW!
The Original Aquasonic Mondo WATERPHONE percussion instrument NEW LOW PRICE!
L Zydeco Rubboard Smooth Real Stainless Steel Scrubboard Washboard w/Scratchers
NEW - Gibraltar Bass Drum Pedal Springs (2), #SC-0052
6, 7, & 8" Chrome MUSIC PERCUSSION TRIANGLE SET w/ Strikers and Case -NEW!
Traditional Irish Rosewood Musical Percussion Folk Session Spoons Solid Wooden
Large Metal Shaker Guiro with Scraper Latin Merengue Percussion Instrument 15"
merengue guira made in dominican 20x12 new
Tycoon Percussion Temple Wood Block 4" Cymbal Stand Mountable FREE Shipping!
Rhythm Band Instruments RB767 Rhythm Sticks - Fluted And Plain
VIBRASLAP latin hand percussion vibra slap donkey call new
Cow Bell 5" Blue Plastic Latin Percussion Drum Percussion Musical Accessory
Drummers Percussion gifts GOT DRUMS? Metal License Plate Black w/ white letters
Meinl Beech Wood Gong Stand Medium - Minor Blem - See Notes
Musical Instruments Percussion Triangle Shaker forged Cowboy Dinner LW
Hansenfutz Futz Practice Pedal Portable Practice Kick Pedal bass drum used
Alesis - Command 8-Piece Electric Drum Set
AAR Rosewood Session Wooden Spoons Percussion Irish Celtic Folk Rosewood Spoons
NEW Gibraltar Large Rubber Cymbal Stand Feet, #SC-PC07
Pearl BBC-1 Masking Plate For BB-3 Bass Drum Bracket
Estuche Acolchado Para Guira. Padded Bag For Guira And Other Percussion.
D'Luca 13 Notes Xylophone Glockenspiel with Wooden Case and Music Cards
Latin Percussion 5" x 12" Metal Guiro with Scraper Instrument, Nippon America
Pintech RS-5T External Drum Trigger with Trigger T
2 - Train Whistles Quality Made Sound great
New Arrival 10 Keys Kalimba Finger Thumb Piano Instrument Portable A8J7
Ludwig modern logo 6" X 1" Black logo sticker decal for bass drumhead
Guicharo Scraper. Puyero Para Guiro De Puerto Rico. LP245-S
Guiro, Aruba, hand carved and painted gourd. Shaker, scraper, rasp, rainstick...
MTG Kawai R-100 ROM 3x Expander Switcher with ALL 3 R50/R100 EPROMs! Plug-n-Play
DEURA CLAVES Pair ROSEWOOD Hardwood Latin Afro Salsa Percussion *~~$11.99~~*
Trophy FN232 Musical Spoons
Paiste Alpha 18″ Thin Crash
WFL Vintage Logo Replacement Sticker $9.99
NEW - Yamaha Hi Hat Rod For 1200 Series, #PERL
NIPPON GUIRO-512 Nippon Latin Percussion 5" x 12" Metal Guiro with Scraper In...
New Wind Wand Bullroarer - Direct From Artist
Limberjack, Applachian folk dancer/rythym instrument, handmade in N.C. Free CD
Tama Custom Hardware 8-Piece Acrylic Drumset With Mounts
Joe Birl's Solid Maple Rhythm Bones
Original tin silver coloured Kazoo made from the original 1930's tooling
Ludwig USA Drums logo 6.5" X 2" White logo sticker decal for bass drumhead
Sensory Percussion Single Drum Sensor
8" CHROME Music PERCUSSION TRIANGLE w/ Striker & Case (for Orchestra, Drums, etc
Guira Tipica Para Merengue,Bachata, Perico Ripiao.12" X 6", Con Bolsa.
Roland CY-15R Ride Cymbal Metallic Gray
DD 6" Music Percussion Triangle, Striker, Holder & Case
Wooden sound Owl wooden percussion 3" Brown Black Foot
Alesis Pro X Hi-Hat
NEW - Latin Percussion LP1307 Low Pitch Blast Block
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Steinway Musical Instruments Agrees to New Buyout by Paulson
Other musical instruments products by Steinway include: Bach Stradivarius trumpets, Selmer Paris saxophones, C.G. Conn French horns, Leblanc clarinets, King trombones and Ludwig snare drums. Through its online music retailer, ArkivMusic, Steinway also ...
Disabled kids inspire musical instrument anyone can play
... circuitry inside the MidiWing musical instrument can calculate the many different frequencies or pitches that produce complex musical sounds from the position of a joystick, mouse or other input. Credit: Randy Montoya Daily turned to the New Mexico ...
Steinway Musical Instruments To Be Acquired by Kohlberg
Other musical instruments products by Steinway include: Bach Stradivarius trumpets, Selmer Paris saxophones, C.G. Conn French horns, Leblanc clarinets, King trombones and Ludwig snare drums. Through its online music retailer, ArkivMusic, Steinway also ...
Making Musical Instruments from Junk - Musical instruments for kids; books about music, making musical instruments
This book is a repurposing artist's guide to turning everyday items into beautiful sounding pieces of equipment. Everything from rubberbands, plastic bottles, cardboard and more can be used to turn junk into musical instruments.
FEATURE: Musical Instruments
The Erikson Music division handles things like guitar amplifiers and percussion instruments. Korg Canada is another division, which handles Korg and other brands. Erikson Pro has stage-lighting and DJ equipment. Erikson Audio has yet another range of ...
Music lessons improve students’ satisfaction with school
There are many reasons to encourage your children to learn music. It helps children both personally and academically. A new study shows that if your children struggle with being happy at school, music lessons can help with that too. Researchers with the ...