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Brushes Black Ivory Drumsticks Drum Rock Jazz Sticks Brush Pair Rubber Handle
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Rock Revolution Drum Sticks by Vic Firth, Size 5A Wood Tip.(3 Pairs)
Let there be light and music
and writing for electronic gear." His new collaborative piece is an example of this way of thinking about music. His ensemble of Eastman students will include a 13-member jazz component, strings, a harp, percussion, five woodwinds, and two French Horns ...
Clean Bandit cellist talks dance beats, 'Rather Be'
Just as electronic music ... instrument tough to learn coming from a background of playing “real” instruments? It was actually. I started playing it because two of the songs called “A&E” and “Come Over” have steel drum parts in the recordings.
GoPro’s new accessories give you more ways to handle the action
Besides the new Hero4 Session camera, GoPro is introducing several new accessories for its ... such as guitar headstocks, drum hoops, keyboards, brass instruments, or a mic stand. Great for indie bands or small music venues, it allows you to record a ...
Teenage Engineering's new OP-1 gear: it's time to crank, bend, and break the rules
The new accessories ... than Oplab, Teenage Engineering's "Musical Experimental Board" that was released in June. It doesn't look like much on the surface, but Oplab promises to let users interconnect virtually any electronic musical instruments through ...
Maker Creates an Awesome 3D Printed Drum Set on a ZMorph 2.0 S Personal Fabricator
Szydłowski designed his kit in Autodesk, sliced the files with ZMorph Voxelizer software, and then printed out all the parts with his ... ever 3D printed a musical instrument or musical accessories? Let us know in the 3D Printed Drum Kit forum thread ...
Light Blue 5A Plastic Drum Sticks Lightweight Fitness Exercise Drumsticks 4 oz.
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1 Pair 5A Drum Sticks Drumsticks Maple Wood Music Band Jazz Rock NEW
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Remo Not So Loud Mallet
New Ludwig LX31BO Atlas Classic Heirloom Drum Stick Bag - Holds 20 Drumsticks
Innovative Percussion F10 Fundamental Series Hard Xylophone Mallets
Mixed sticks and brushes broomsticks and Gig Bag
Wire Retractable Loop End Drum Brushes for Jazz Drum Stick (Pack of 2)
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ECSTASY: Home-made Instruments, Home-made Music!
Making an instrument ... song they could both re-establish the good and beautiful in the world and also relate themselves to it. Anthony Seeger — "Why Suya Sing," p. 128 If we are to reclaim our humanity, we'll need to sing. We'll need to make music ...
Korg Wavedrum Percussion Synth Official Specs
The original Korg Wavedrum was introduced to the music world back in 1994. Now Korg has announced its next-generation Wavedrum Digital Percussion Synthesizer. Wavedrum can be used as a stand-alone percussion instrument, or integrated into an existing drum ...
Musical Instruments for Children
Jamtown fair trade world music instruments ... rich-sounding instruments handcrafted by village artisans in Peru and Bali. This unique set includes one pair of claves (wood rhythm sticks), one shaker (carved dried gourd), one drum (double ...
Musical Instrument Attachments & Parts Suppliers
2,000ft. min. Prefinished/plain. Inline: holes, cut to length, ring bending, shear forms. ISO 9001:2008 certified custom manufacturer of musical instrument attachments & parts. Capabilities include plating, solvent degreasing, spray washing, stripping ...
Odd instruments are music to composers' ears
The score for Oscar Bettison's chamber concerto "Livre des Sauvages" ("The Book of Savages") should come with ... are employing unusual musical instruments. As they would be the first to acknowledge, the practice is not new.
Brighton charity donates music equipment to deaf school
The Brighton Lions have presented musical equipment ... items including drum sticks drum stools guitar strings drum skins Bob Brown, the president of the Brighton Lions, said: “Brighton Lions are very pleased to donate music equipment to Hamilton Lodge ...